Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing Stillwater Artisanal Ales

Join us at ChurchKey on Monday, March 15 to taste what is sure to become one of the coolest new brews (and one of the coolest new breweries) of 2010! What’s even better is that this brew, Stateside Saison, will be poured three very different ways. Stillwater’s flagship will be available on draught, on cask, and on a different cask holding a pound of French Oak chips (this is the only French Oak firkin of Stateside Saison in DC!). And Brian “Stillwater” Strumke will be on hand to tell us about the brew, tip a few back with us, and even hand out some glassware.

About the brew:
Stateside Saison pays homage to old world traditions while celebrating new world innovation. Naturally brewed with the finest European malts & fresh aromatic hops from the United States & New Zealand. It's then fermented using a classic farmhouse ale yeast and bottle conditioned to enhance stability. The outcome is a beer of unique design and exquisite taste, showcasing some of the best attributes of modern-day craft brewing. The result is a stunning Belgian Saison / American West Coast IPA hybrid of 6.8% ABV.

About the brewery:
Stillwater Artisanal Ales is the nomadic brewing venture headed by Baltimore native, Brian "Stillwater" Strumke. A former internationally renowned techno DJ and producer, a man who has extensively traveled much of the US and Europe, returned home in 2004 to delve into a new passion, brewing. Brian eventually cut his teeth by ranking in some local homebrew competitions, which eventually led to wins in both the Sam Adams Longshot and Holiday Competitions, as well as the AHA (American Homebrewer’s Association) Nationals. In 2009, Brian was able to take his homebrewing to the next level, without establishing a traditional brewery: like Mikkeller, Brian rents space domestically and internationally in order to produce small batches of many different unconventional ales. He has just returned from brewing up some new beers in Belgium, and is excited to showcase his true flagship: Stateside Saison, the first fruits of his domestic gypsy brewing!

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